All the Thanks! And All the Love!

In my last post, I begged for help getting supplies and PPE for a funeral director friend of mine being deployed by D-MORT. The last few days have left me in awe at how many people have contacted me with offers to help. Thank you, thank you, thank you, there are honestly no words to... Continue Reading →


One of my funeral director friends is being deployed with her D-MORT team. D-MORT is the federal response team comprised of funeral directors/emblamers, medical examiners, coroners, forensic anthropologists, etc, called to scenes of mass casualties and other scenarios when death care providers are needed (such as cemetery floods). They don't have enough PPE for everyone... Continue Reading →

Irreverence is a Coping Mechanism

For years, whenever people would talk about their Zombie Apocalypse Plans (or any apocalypse plans), I'd half-joke that I plan to be one of the first wave killed because I'm too lazy to rebuild society, especially if there's no Dunkin iced coffee available.  The addiction is real with my iced Dunkin; last year, upon my... Continue Reading →

Pandemic Log: It’s Getting Weird

Day whatever of reporting to work as an essential employee: we're devolving into anarchy. Uniform guidelines have fallen by the wayside. I'm at my desk in leggings and plaid Doc Martens. They have dinosaur laces. I'm making everyone look at the dinosaur laces. I've resurrected my mascara and burgundy lipstick. Gals who are fortunate enough... Continue Reading →

Chaos! Pandemonium! Pandemic!

"Have a Loki Blot, she said. It'll be fun, she said." This comment was left in jest on a FB post I made linking an article about 2 asteroids that are likely to hit our atmosphere in the midst of COVID-19 pandemonium. I laughed, joking about how I was wondering when I'd be called out... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Sex

In October, I enjoyed seeing my friends celebrate "Coming Out Day," but I didn't really think much of it. Mostly because I really don't think about romantic love or sex at all, really, and that's what I associate with sexual orientation. And that's because, as I've mentioned before, I am asexual. I'm probably aromantic, too,... Continue Reading →

Least Helpful Post Ever

Today's thought dump is brought to you by request. Over the years, lots of recently converted heathens and pagans have asked me how to deal with backlash or negativity from family/friends/coworkers, and a good friend of mine specifically asked me to write about what it's like in a blended-faith family. Unfortunately, I don't have a... Continue Reading →

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

I've been mulling over some discussions I've come across on a few different sites and various groups the last few days. There've been several people who are expressing dismay and frustration at the lack of "hearing" or experiencing the gods directly, and one or two people seem to be questioning whether or not this means... Continue Reading →

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