Support BLM, Support the Gods, and Take Care of Yourselves

Our favorite twerp has been busy these days, needless to say. He relishes in the fury of a world finally addressing fundamental problems in society and fighting for the change that’s so desperately needed and so shamefully overdue. This is his time: World Breaker, Chaos Maker, Master of Mischief and Mayhem. His bride, too, is busy: Sigyn, whose very name echoes Victory, and our Lady of Compassion is working overtime to see that the tides shift as they must and that those affected find comfort. Thorr and Freyja are backing the protesters in the trenches, standing among the men and women who are demanding better from their governments, and Tyr and Odhinn are weaving their way among the legislators and commissioners, hungry for justice, willing them to listen and learn.

I thank Loki for lighting the fire in our bellies, hearts, and souls to scream out against injustice and hatred. I thank him for pushing us to gain and maintain momentum across the nation and the world to call out systemic racism and hate and brutality. I thank him for giving people of color a platform where their voices are finally being heard, after hundreds of years of oppression and fear. They’re finally being heard. I’m so, so grateful that change is happening, right now, all around, and I praise the leaders on the front lines of this movement for everything they’ve accomplished and are continuing to accomplish. I’m glad that the powers that be are being exposed for the hateful, shameful scum that they are, the cowardly, cruel tormentors that they’ve always been. I rage that it’s taken this long, this many generations for these men and women to be heard, but I’m proud of them for seizing this moment and fighting for what they’re owed.

In response to my last post, several people have confirmed that I should keep on with donations and calling/writing to state reps and keep putting pressure on politicians. So I will. I’m also spending my money at black and minority-owned restaurants and shops. I urge you to do the same, and if you’re white and attending protests and rallies, I beg you to let the black leaders lead and you follow their lead. Don’t speak over them, don’t speak for them, don’t tell them what to do: just be the bodies that protect them from the brutality. Be the shield they need so they can keep speaking and leading. Their voices have been silenced and ignored for a shamefully long time, this is their time to speak and be heard. Don’t take that away from the men and women who deserve to make their voices known.

As for the gods: I’m redoubling my efforts to make my home a place of respite and rest for Loki and Sigyn. Part of my oath to Loki is that I make spaces safe for him to simply exist and recuperate, where he doesn’t have to be all godly and shit. My energy is devoted to him, and he and Sigyn take what they need when they need it. Right now, they feel tired when I sense them. I haven’t noticed them too much lately because they’re so clearly busy with greasing the wheels of change and tending to those crying out to them. But when I do feel them, they’re weary and need rest. I’m doing what I can to fuel, fund, and support the Black Lives Matter events to the best of my abilities. You do the same, if you’re able. Help our sister and brother communities, stand for what’s right, and give the gods what you can to help them do their work for all of humanity.

As a white person, this is what I beg the white community to bear in mind: This isn’t about us right now. This is about righting atrocities and ensuring the safety and security of those who are oppressed and suffering under a broken, cruel system. Be an ally, fight for equality and for dismantling the organizations and laws and habits that are infused with racism. The leaders of this fight don’t need us to speak for them, but they do need our support to amplify their voices.

And the statement that “this isn’t about us” applies to attention from the gods right now, as well. I’ve seen a lot of conversations and posts on various corners of the internet about how the gods seem silent and distant, and it’s distressing to their followers. Yes, they feel distant, but that’s not because they’re turning their backs on us, and they haven’t got the time and energy right now to acknowledge offerings and make contact they way they usually do. Don’t take it personally. There’s a massive shift in energy right now all across the world as people everywhere are standing in solidarity with United States citizens to end the war on racism once and for all. The gods are busy and stretched thin. Even though heathens are an infinitesimally small percentage among those in the Black Lives Matter movement, the gods are still very much invested in what’s happening. Their cares and concerns aren’t limited just to those who raise horns in their names: they care about all of humanity, and they always have. They are working their ways along with the other gods of other pantheons, and it’s a tremendous undertaking. Be respectful of this, and let your offerings reflect this. They need our energy to keep going, they need our gifts to revive their strength.

Consider, too, making a place sacred and calm for them to rest and recharge, as it were. It’s a strange concept for some, the idea of inviting an entity to just chill and not interact with you. Many are accustomed to calling on the gods when they need something, and responses of some sort are expected when offerings are made. Right now, take the pressure off and don’t demand or expect responses. Just make your offerings, and thank them for the work they’re doing, and let them rest. Just as we may open our homes and offer hospitality to weary protesters, offering a safe place for those in the trenches to rehydrate and rest up and regroup, open your space for the gods to also regroup and recharge. A little bit of quiet can go a long way.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to let yourself rest. Take care of yourselves, physically and mentally. Take a break from social media when it gets to be too overwhelming, give yourselves a chance for some quiet distraction so that you can come back to everything feeling renewed and energized. You can’t fight the good fight if you’re depleted of everything you’ve got.

Hail the gods! Hail the community! And hail everyone standing with and for the Black Lives Matter movement! Hail the fallen, and hail the heroes! Change is big and scary and exhausting, but it’s so very, very worth it. Hail the Makers of Change!

3 thoughts on “Support BLM, Support the Gods, and Take Care of Yourselves

  1. Love the article, just wanted to share lol, sometimes I put out a pack of cards and beer for the trio 😉 glad I’m not alone in making a space for them because they really need that more than ever right now. I happened across some interesting information about Hela liking blue alcohol so I shall be trying that out, thought I’d share to see if anyone else has gotten this message?

    I feel the urge to put out extra offerings now…possibly with jenga…although if it crashes during the night that will be funny!! I had noticed the LED tealights I use seem to be draining the batteries quicker too right now.

    I am glad that finally this rage is making changes in the world. Black lives matter, I agree us White peeps need to be a shield so they can get equal treatment. The shield part made me think if Sigyn with the bowl to protect Loki…okay…that’s quite enough from me lol! Sorry for the overload on the comments 🦊

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    • I LOVE that you put out games for them! I’m stealing this idea – it never occurred to me since I’m more the “sit in quiet with a coffee and a cigarette and a couple of cats to revive myself” type, but you’re absolutely right about putting out something a little more fun and engaging to unwind!

      And yes, Sigyn is very much acting as the protector by putting herself between the violence and the abused. Her compassion and willingness to quietly do what needs to be done is inspiring, and I’m glad you see it, too. ❤

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  2. I was just thinking yesterday that it’s time to make the Twerp a cup of coffee and maybe give him a brownie. And the. I saw this today and, whelp. 🤷‍♀️😘

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