A Fox Among Ravens

Last month, I teased a bit about a project I had in the works. And then I forgot to update about it. Because I'm damn awesome like that. Now I get to unveil my latest endeavor and maybe tease at yet another thing I've been waiting on. Or maybe not. Tricksters. . . who can... Continue Reading →

A Lokian’s Take on Fenrir Worship

I don't dislike Fenrir. I have a massive soft spot for him, I really do. He's not an inherently evil being, and his fury is very much understandable. I get it. But that doesn't mean I condone what comes of that fury.

Some Things Aren’t Worth Saving

For some inexplicable reason, there's been a noticeable uptick lately in debates around "reclaiming" the swastika. WHY?! It's frustrating enough to see arguments in favor of trying to erase the stigma and bring it back into the fold, but it's absolutely enraging to see people respond to the "let it go" statements with arrogant "well... Continue Reading →

Lea 1, Plague 0

Oy, I did not intend to have such a long hiatus. I'm mostly recovered from Covid-19 now, but the radio silence has been more of a "I have lots of nonsense I'm working on" thing and less of a "PLAGUE!" thing (though the fatigue issues I've dealt with since my appendix issues have definitely been... Continue Reading →

I’m Listening

One of the (many) constant refrains in this blog is "listen and pay attention." It's the advice I offer when people ask how to develop the lines of communication with the gods, it's what I said in my last post about learning how to honor the land spirits, and now it's something I'm imploring for... Continue Reading →

Possum Peculiarities

Still alive! Still sick, but on the upward swing at last. I should be in bed. I was honestly getting ready for bed, but then A Thing happened and it's too good to keep to myself. Possums are a creature I associate with Loki for no reason in particular. The vague association was reinforced some... Continue Reading →


Got this message from my British Trad friend, and I'm so humbled I don't even know how to respond except with a very misty-eyed Thank You. Holding steady, no better, no worse (except for the anxiety-desire for a goddamn cigarette). I wish testing was available in my city so I'd know one way or the... Continue Reading →


It's been a while since I've written, and it's going to be a while longer. Don't want to leave you hanging, so quick update: I'm sick, I've been sick since Saturday, and symptoms worsened enough today that I did an e-visit with the hospital. Tests are still very limited in my state, so the doctor... Continue Reading →

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