Lea 1, Plague 0

Oy, I did not intend to have such a long hiatus. I’m mostly recovered from Covid-19 now, but the radio silence has been more of a “I have lots of nonsense I’m working on” thing and less of a “PLAGUE!” thing (though the fatigue issues I’ve dealt with since my appendix issues have definitely been exacerbated with the plague problems).

I’ve actually been writing a post about my complex feelings regarding Fenrir, as inspired (and threatened) by a conversation that heated up on an internet forum regarding veneration of Loki’s furry baby. I chimed in a little, but wanted to explore the controversies and such a little more here, where I can write a novella that doesn’t bog up a threaded conversation. However, while writing, I learned my feelings regarding Fenrir and his worship are far, far more complex and scattered than I realized, so I’ve been letting it marinate while I try to get my head straight and figure out exactly what I intend to say on the matter. So there’s a teaser for you.

Speaking of teasers, I’ve got another project or two in the works. . . one which I can talk about freely, one which I’m keeping a little more mum about until there’s more to actually link to. These projects have resulted in the need to actually create a public Facebook page for my writing, so if anyone feels so inclined, please check it out and give it a like or a follow to see updates on these projects (including this blog) as well as memes and cat pictures and the usual FB type of nonsense. I’m admittedly terrible about engaging in comments here, but I’m better at it on the FB (I’ll blame that on the ease of using GIFs on that platform).

Next up is a followup on something I’ve alluded to in past posts: I had the extraordinary privilege and opportunity to co-author the chapter on Heathenry in an upcoming book about pagan death rites and how to adapt various customs into modern American funeral services! Mortellus, the author, quickly became a dear friend of mine, so I’m even more excited to announce that her book is available for preorder! Do I Have to Wear Black? by Mortellus (feat. ME) is being published by Llewellyn (you know, the “crescent moon on the spine” people) for release in February 2021, so if that’s not enough motivation to survive the rest of 2020, let me just advise that it will be much easier to plan your funeral next year when this book is out.

The last bit of “Things I’m Excited About” is yet to be announced. I probably could reveal it now, but I’m not gonna. You’re just going to have to follow my FB page and/or check back here for that news in a week or two (or three? I’m not sure of the timeline). So ha. Is this how people generate clicks and social media followings? Teasers and anticipation? Am I doing this right?!

That said, I’ll hopefully figure out my feelings about Fenrir, or at least figure out how to polish my “stream of consciousness full of questions and mixed feelings” draft on the matter into a coherent post with an actual point. I’d really like to get that up on here in the next few days, because I feel bad about having been a slacker ’round these parts for the past two months. This blog is my baby, and I’ve been neglecting A Loki Kinda Life because of plague and other projects. Time to revamp my schedule and habits!

Whatever the timeline, expect to see more writing and more articles. There’s some fabulous things on the horizon, and I for one am deeply grateful for my friends and community (as always) for their support and encouragement!

Hail Loki!

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