Beware the Bread! (or Why a Lokean Shouldn’t be Let Loose in the Woods)

Aieeee, the last few months have been wild in the best possible way! The first round of revisions for the book are complete and I'm beside myself with excitement for this project to be released into the wild. Llewellyn has dubbed it Loki and Sigyn: Lessons on Chaos, Laughter, and Loyalty from the Norse Gods.... Continue Reading →

Odds and (Mostly Split) Ends

It would appear that this book thing is legit. Ever since signing the contract with Llewellyn, I've been damn near convinced that the universe is playing some absurd cosmic prank on me. The weeks following submission of the first draft sparked a new wave of anxiety. I've been a Llewellyn reader and familiar with their... Continue Reading →

Brief Glimpse Inside My Head

Apparently I need Big Projects to focus my brain, otherwise I have to, like, deal with my unfettered thoughts. The first several days after submitting the manuscript, I was in pure decompression mode. While I genuinely enjoyed writing a whole ass book for and about Loki and Sigyn, it took more of a toll than... Continue Reading →

A Gift for a Gift

In today's episode of "I Swear I'm Not Making Any of This Up," I have a story to tell about a ring. I've written before about the rings I wear to represent the oaths I've made with Loki. They're a constant presence on my finger, and they mean quite a lot to me for a... Continue Reading →

About the Capitol Coup

If you're interested in my Big Thoughts about the idiot with the valknut and Mjolnir tattoos, check out my article on Patheos about it. I encourage you to read it primarily because a friend in the Northeast Heathen Community made a hugely important point about the bigger issue: the headdress that's being mocked as a... Continue Reading →

Just Keep Stirring!

Glad Yule! Today we find ourselves at the turning of the wheel, and thank the gods for that because I don't think we can take any more of the nonsense this year has brought. Case in point: let me tell you what happens when you let a Lokian into the kitchen. I tend to do... Continue Reading →

L̴̳̱͔̘͊͘o̴̜̰̠͍̩͒̑̈́͝k̷̢̲̘̄̔̑ḯ̷̢̲̦͍̈́͝ and Ö̴̜́͒d̶̩̗̜̔h̷̝̻̫̱̫̍̈́̈̆̕ǐ̶̡̞̜̹̿ǹ̷͖̬ň̵̨̫͎̰̇̿͆̈

A month and a half 'til deadline, and I'm feeling eerily calm and confident about The Book. This can only mean one thing: DOOM. Granted, the doom isn't going to be missing my deadline. The first manuscript will absolutely be finished and submitted by 14 Jan. No, it's going to come when the editors at... Continue Reading →


Today is the anniversary of my oaths and vows to Loki. I took the day off with the intention of doing something with intent and working on the book, but as usual, my body had other ideas. But Loki still came, and this day is still meaningful. I haven't been dedicated to him for long,... Continue Reading →

There Was an Incident

ECT 2020 may be a virtual event this year on account of, well, 2020, but that doesn't mean that fuckery isn't afoot. Tonight was the Loki blót, performed with 30-odd people via Zoom. It was awesome, and E did a wonderful job as always leading the blót (and the Loki vé is gorgeous), but of... Continue Reading →

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