So I Write.

Irony is following up a post wishing for a moment or a day of quiet from the gods with one about how I can't hear them now over the roar of anxiety that's finally taken over after months of fighting to keep it in check. I know they're here, but the depression and panic have... Continue Reading →

Yup, Still Crazy

My cat Blue is doing a bang up job channeling Freyja here. This is absolutely how Freyja has been lately, all judgy and pissy and annoyed. Same, girl, same. The tension around me is overly intense, and it's wearing me out. Freyja and Loki haven't given up on their spat and intrusions, and they're giving... Continue Reading →

Loki Doki!

Random bit of cute for the day: I've mentioned before that I often address Himself as Loki-doki, to the chagrin of some. I don't know why I started calling him that, but it became habit after the long blot at his Ve at ECT last year. As the hours went by and the bottle of... Continue Reading →

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