There Was an Incident

ECT 2020 may be a virtual event this year on account of, well, 2020, but that doesn't mean that fuckery isn't afoot. Tonight was the Loki blót, performed with 30-odd people via Zoom. It was awesome, and E did a wonderful job as always leading the blót (and the Loki vé is gorgeous), but of... Continue Reading →

Saga of the Jetta GLI

This veers away from the usual content I share, but this story is too good to not tell. It's not quite as astronomically impossible as The Story of ECT 2018, but still pretty improbable and mind-blowing. And hey, I've been naming my cars after Loki's children for almost 20 years, so there's your Loki-connection to... Continue Reading →

A Fox Among Ravens

Last month, I teased a bit about a project I had in the works. And then I forgot to update about it. Because I'm damn awesome like that. Now I get to unveil my latest endeavor and maybe tease at yet another thing I've been waiting on. Or maybe not. Tricksters. . . who can... Continue Reading →

A Lokian’s Take on Fenrir Worship

I don't dislike Fenrir. I have a massive soft spot for him, I really do. He's not an inherently evil being, and his fury is very much understandable. I get it. But that doesn't mean I condone what comes of that fury.

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