In Memory of Narvi and Vali

The picture above is by one of my favorite heathen artists. You can see all of her delightfully cheeky paintings on Deviant Art under Hellanim, and if you're not familiar with her collection of work, I insist you check it out. This is a bittersweet image in particular, because it's a glimpse of a happy... Continue Reading →

Veiling for Fun and Profit!

Okay, maybe not profit, and not necessarily for fun, but I've never been good at titles. So long time readers might remember my little conundrum at the start of the year about veiling. For those who recall, the only thing I took away from my brief teenage foray into Christianity was the nun thing. The... Continue Reading →

What I Think About at 3AM

So. This may or may not be an "unpopular opinion" kind of post, but it's been winding around my brain as a strange thread spun off from discussions online about religion. There have been some interesting conversations about how to distinguish oneself as an actual representative of heathenry without being mistaken for a Nazi fanboy,... Continue Reading →

Sweets for the Dead

While I'm not Rokkatru, I do have a bit of a soft spot for Loki's kids. When I was younger, I felt bad for his older three being cast out and for his younger two for the cruel role they were forced to take on in their father's punishment. As an adult with the capacity... Continue Reading →

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