In Memory of Narvi and Vali

The picture above is by one of my favorite heathen artists. You can see all of her delightfully cheeky paintings on Deviant Art under Hellanim, and if you’re not familiar with her collection of work, I insist you check it out. This is a bittersweet image in particular, because it’s a glimpse of a happy family doomed to a hideous fate. The worst part about what’s to come is what happens to the two little boys nodding off in Sigyn’s arms. As brutal as their deaths are, they’re all the more tragic for being forgotten.

As one bound to Loki and a priestess of Sigyn, I remember their sons in my devotions. In honor of Narvi and Vali, I buy toys to donate to local shelters. I don’t usually share or publicize the things I do for my community (this time “community” referencing where I live and work) or the charities I help when I’m able, because that’s just a me thing. However, with the holidays coming up, I hope to maybe inspire others who are fond of Loki and his family to, dare I say, spread a little cheer.

Personally, I love to buy soft, cuddly stuffed animals for the kids. They’re often going through hard, scary times and, speaking from experience, it helps to have a plush companion. I still have my beloved little toy tiger that saw me through the scariest time in my life; even though he’s now whiskerless and worn out and not so soft anymore, he’s still a treasured possession, all these years later. Let’s be honest: who hasn’t held on to their favorite stuffed animals from childhood? So because of my own experiences with trauma, they’re my favorite go-to toy for offering comfort and security.

Whatever your preferred donation would be, I just ask that if you’re looking for a way to honor Loki and/or Sigyn, remember their children. Narvi and Vali suffered horrible fates, and they’ve been forgotten. Loki is known as the Father (and Mother) of Monsters, but his boys with Sigyn certainly weren’t “othered” and feared the way his children with Angrboda were. Even in Loki’s kennings they’re overlooked. They’re barely a footnote in the story of his punishment preceding Ragnarok. Remember that when Sigyn chose to stay with Loki and hold the bowl to catch the venom, she was in mourning for her sons. They both were, and they grieved together in that cave. Everyone remembers the physical suffering they endured. Few remember the emotional anguish of having lost their innocent sons so brutally.

So if you’re looking for ideas as the spirit of giving creeps in with the upcoming holidays, remember the children. Consider donating toys for kids who are enduring their families’ hardships, their parents who don’t have the means to give them everything they want, no matter how simple. Toys for Tots is the most obvious and easiest way to give. Look up shelters in your area and see what they need. Try to offer a little bit of joy and comfort to these easily forgotten children, and let their parents enjoy the smiles on their kids’ faces as they play with their new toys. A little comfort goes a long way. Think of Loki and Sigyn with their boys, and remember Narvi and Vali.

It’s a simple thing. But to a child who struggles for security, even the smallest stuffed tiger makes all the difference.

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