If You Give a God a Cookie. . .

My last update was pretty heavy, so I feel compelled to share a story from the other night to restore smiles to our faces. Listen up, there's a pretty intense moral to this one. I've written many a time about buying a single donut or sweet snack for Loki, and being surprised with mysterious magical... Continue Reading →

Twenty Years

I'm always laughing about how weird my life is, and my friends and colleagues enjoy whatever wackery abounds in my presence, but let's be honest: it's not my life that's so odd, it's the world itself. It's the history I've lived, seeing everything change after a few strange events. I'm not that weird, I'm just... Continue Reading →

Mazel Tov!

I'm easy to describe. In fact, I can offer the perfect summation of who and what I am in two words: Chipper Idiot. The stories I have to back this up are infinite (remind me to tell you about my adventure buying coffee with kroner in Iceland sometime), and I'm sure everyone who has ever... Continue Reading →

The Gods, They Are A’Changin…

You know, there's nothing as refreshing as having a good old-fashioned existential crisis at 1:30 am on a work night. Well, I exaggerate just a little; it wasn't really a crisis, as I wasn't doubting the veracity of beliefs or experiences or my own existence and purpose. My faith is horrifying in its strength, almost... Continue Reading →

It’s Loki Day, Bitches. Take a Sticker.

Like others who are passionate about Tricksters in mythology and religion, April Fool's Day is my High Holy Day. So much so, that I always want to schedule the day off for observance, but can't because I've usually been out sick around that time (don't get me started on seasonal allergies, or the surgeries I've... Continue Reading →

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