Mazel Tov!

I’m easy to describe. In fact, I can offer the perfect summation of who and what I am in two words: Chipper Idiot.

The stories I have to back this up are infinite (remind me to tell you about my adventure buying coffee with kroner in Iceland sometime), and I’m sure everyone who has ever actually spoken to me will absolutely agree with this assessment. But for now, I’m only going to share with you the most recent example, assuming I can stop laughing long enough to write it out.

Yesterday, when talking about the upcoming weekend, one of my coworkers mentioned that Saturday was his favorite holiday. Me being me, I think it’s interesting, because I’ve never met anyone that passionate about this Saturday’s meanings or celebrations, but hey, good for him.

This afternoon, he was talking to Statler, and I just had to satisfy my curiosity. The following ensues:

“Hey, so, why is Passover your favorite holiday?”

Baffled head jerk. “What? What are you talking about?”

“Yesterday, you said Saturday’s your favorite holiday.”

Blink. Statler snorted and practically slammed her head onto her desk. Blink. REALIZATION. “Nooooooooooooo, yeah, no.”

I still hadn’t figured it out. “Huh? Then what were you talking about?”

Statler’s convulsing in silent guffaws at this point, damn near losing her mind. Coworker is cracking up, holding onto the door frame for support, and THAT’S when it hit me: the date. Saturday is Passover, which happens to fall on the 20th of April this year. 4/20.

Oooooohhhhhhhhh. Cool,” I say, because that seems to be the way cool kids would respond to 4/20. I don’t know. I’m a nerd, and I somehow made it through Catholic school and a liberal arts college without smoking up, because neeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrd. So OF COURSE when someone says their favorite holiday is coming up, I happen to know all of the major Judeo-Christian holidays and several Islamic and Hindi holidays in addition to all of the Pagan and Heathen holidays. Just not, like, the cool ones.

So I guess I won’t need to remember to send him a “chag Pesach kasher vesame’ach” message at sundown tonight. Or maybe I will. Because I own up to being the chipperest of idiots, and I’m awesome like that.

Happy holidays this weekend, whatever you celebrate!

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