To Love Him is to Love Her

Anyone who's read the lore knows that Loki doesn't travel alone. The myths and sagas are full of tales of Odhinn and Loki or Thorr and Loki or all three wandering around together. I've written before that during my time as an Odhinnswoman, I never had one-on-one experiences with Ol' One Eye since Loki was... Continue Reading →

Hairy Situation

Veiling is a fascinating concept, and it's one that's always tickled at the back of my mind. As I've written many times before, my time in Catholic school inspired a strange fascination with nuns, and as such I consider myself a Lokian nun, so complete is my devotion, so deep is our relationship. I've often... Continue Reading →

Oh, Rite…

In anticipation of delving into the Troth's Clergy Program, I was reviewing my not-so-little library of lore and heatheny tomes. I found The Troth's printing of Book of Blots, and I was perusing it, looking for ideas to use for upcoming events. It didn't take long for me to realize why this book was forgotten... Continue Reading →

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