Brief Glimpse Inside My Head

Apparently I need Big Projects to focus my brain, otherwise I have to, like, deal with my unfettered thoughts. The first several days after submitting the manuscript, I was in pure decompression mode. While I genuinely enjoyed writing a whole ass book for and about Loki and Sigyn, it took more of a toll than... Continue Reading →

A Gift for a Gift

In today's episode of "I Swear I'm Not Making Any of This Up," I have a story to tell about a ring. I've written before about the rings I wear to represent the oaths I've made with Loki. They're a constant presence on my finger, and they mean quite a lot to me for a... Continue Reading →

About the Capitol Coup

If you're interested in my Big Thoughts about the idiot with the valknut and Mjolnir tattoos, check out my article on Patheos about it. I encourage you to read it primarily because a friend in the Northeast Heathen Community made a hugely important point about the bigger issue: the headdress that's being mocked as a... Continue Reading →

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