All the Thanks! And All the Love!

In my last post, I begged for help getting supplies and PPE for a funeral director friend of mine being deployed by D-MORT. The last few days have left me in awe at how many people have contacted me with offers to help. Thank you, thank you, thank you, there are honestly no words to express my gratitude and love for you all. My friend is going to be (happily) overwhelmed with the amount of care packages that will be hitting her doorstep in the next few days. We have masks, gloves, vitamins, and basic essentials heading her way, as well as a few bonus items and treats to help her and her team through the hell this assignment is sure to cast them into.

She’s also going to be getting a Tyvek coverall suit from me that’s been decorated to look like a cow costume, complete with a pink tissue paper udder, tail, and cardboard ears. Not special to this occasion, but something I made for a goofy event over 10 years ago. It’s been hanging just inside my basement door for a decade, because I do so get a kick out of the reaction I get from people who have to go down there to service the furnace and clean the chimney. Ideally, I’d have sent her fresh, unused, normal coveralls, but those are pretty much impossible to come by these days, even more impossible than masks and sanitizer. Lucky for her I’m a hoarder with a strange sense of decor, so she’ll be doing her badass federal mortician thing in a splash-resistant cow suit. COWvid-19 don’t stand a chance against her.

In a true miracle, my friend A surprised me with a pack of N95 masks to include in the care package! I relayed this to T, the mortician in need, and learned that she has a neighbor who’s hoarding a shed full of N95s and refuses to part with a single one. He’s a staunch Christian, but won’t give any of them to the local hospitals or EMT units that are in such desperate need, and he wouldn’t sell any to T because she’s a witch (British Trad Wiccan). It dawned on me that all of my friends who came together to help get necessary survival supplies to a friend of mine they’ve never even met are all heathen and pagan themselves. This isn’t a call out, just an interesting observation. Not one of my Christian (or other) friends offered so much as a Kleenex, but my heathens fucking rallied to do whatever they could for a stranger. This is why I love my community so much, this is exactly why I’m always going on about how privileged I am to be part of a collective of such astounding, amazing people.

Even if they didn’t have access to PPE, my heathen and pagan friends still wanted to help. They sent care packages of shelf stable food and vitamins and personal care luxuries for the D-MORT team. T says as of now they’re not even sure what kind of shelter and food accommodations will be provided, so they’re preparing and packing on the assumption that they’re on their own to keep themselves clean and fed and healthy. My mom even asked T to make an Amazon wishlist so she and my stepdad could send things to her.

So thank you. Thank you so much for being such astounding people and for allowing me to be your friend! I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and love for your help, your absolute generosity in doing what we could to protect someone going into a hot zone. Our gods are mighty, and our community even mightier. Your response means all the world to me, and T is in awe of all of you as well. Us heathens and pagans exemplify what community is and should be, and I’m so incredibly proud of all of you.

Best of luck out there, Witch. May the gods and goddesses walk beside you, and may Anubis bestow his blessings on you as you do His work. Come home safe.


2 thoughts on “All the Thanks! And All the Love!

  1. If she is still in need, and has a wishlist on Amazon, I’d like to help. I couldn’t help with an PPE stuff, but if there is something else….


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