Keep the Lines of Communication Open

I've been mulling over some discussions I've come across on a few different sites and various groups the last few days. There've been several people who are expressing dismay and frustration at the lack of "hearing" or experiencing the gods directly, and one or two people seem to be questioning whether or not this means... Continue Reading →

Inclusive Heathenry

This morning, I read a post in a heathen discussion group about the recent (public) rise in white supremacy the media. It, and the violence such ideology spawns, led the writer to have a crisis of faith; with racist groups and individuals identifying with the Northern gods and associated symbols, the writer expressed a need... Continue Reading →

Fear and (Self) Loathing with Loki

I've been thinking about anti-Loki stuff since my recent post about it and how far the American heathen community has come around lately. And I realize I usually blame Loki fear on the residual indoctrination of Christianity/monotheistic religions, because it certainly takes a lot of time and reflection and new experiences to shift one's world... Continue Reading →

Still Here, Y’all

Things have been happening which have detracted from my "rambling nonsense" brand of blogging. Good things. Exciting things. Things that are going to make me rework my schedule so I can write more for this space. I love this blog and its mishmash of theology and personal idiocy, and I feel bad about not publishing... Continue Reading →

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