The Road So Far…

Today's foray into blogging is brought to you by a call for requests on my Facebook. Because I'm still slugging through the downward cycle of depression, I asked if anyone had any particular topics they wanted me to cover to keep me from turning this blog into a mope fest. I just received a cheeky... Continue Reading →

Fuck Off, Brain Beast

Feeling a little odd tonight. I'm still dealing with the depression and anxiety kicking up something fierce, but this time around, I'm making the concerted effort not to shut myself off from the God Squad. Last time I was in the abyss, I realized that just as I withdraw from people around me, I close... Continue Reading →

Into the Looking Glass

I didn't expect to have a bit of Loki-inspired writing so soon after posting something about breaking out of my comfort zone to do so, but here we are. I've been really, really struggling lately with my PTSD and anxiety, so much so that I had a series of intense, crippling panic attacks this past... Continue Reading →

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