What Say You of Sigyn?

I’ve got 7 or 8 drafts that I’ve been hemming and hawing over for the last month or so, but this one gets going to jump the queue. East Coast Thing (aka heathen summer camp) is in two weeks, and I’m just now starting to put together the presentation on Sigyn for the “Lesser Known Gods and Goddesses” lecture, as well as writing the blot I’ll be hosting at her ve. I’m legitimately proud of myself for getting started two whole weeks beforehand; I’ve always been the “I work best under pressure, so I’ll knock out this 35-page project around 11PM the night before it’s due!” kinda kid. I guess doing right by Sigyn is far more important to me than book reports ever were.

In any case, I pretty much have everything compiled, but I decided to open up the floor for contributions. My sources are from the lore, Galina Krasskova’s work, and, to a lesser degree, my own dealings with her/lessons I’ve learned from her and Loki. Does anyone have any other sources you’d like to share, or anything you want people to know about our Victory Woman? Let me know what your favorite kennings are, the kinds of things you put on altars for her, the sort of offerings you give to her. She doesn’t have a whole lot of representation in the community, so this is our chance to draw her from the cave and say “hi.” She’s a quiet goddess, but I’m excited to direct the spotlight onto her at ECT.

So what say you?

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