Sarcasm is His Language

I'm open about my beliefs, always have been. In high school, though it was a Catholic school, our mascot was the Viking. My principal got a kick out of me because I was the only Scandinavian there. "There she is!" he'd shout in the hallway. "Our actual Viking!" "Hail Odhinn!" I'd reply, loudly. "Stop that!"... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Loki

We all know the Trickster has a sweet tooth. He also likes to share. More often than not, when I buy him a donut or other snack, I end up getting double what I paid for, or the vending machine will give me wrong change, just enough to buy a second bag of Goldfish or... Continue Reading →

Follow-up to the last post. . .

Within 10 minutes of hitting "publish" on the article about the old family photographs and the recurring dreams, I got some more pictures from my cousin. The timing was impeccable, because I'd just finished writing about my grandfather keeping us close to the gods, but including the caveat that I didn't think anyone in the... Continue Reading →

Hail the Ancestors!

I've only ever had 2 recurring dreams in my life. The first one was the pleasant one, the other was a nightmare. The good one was one I'd had as a child, and again as a young adult: both times, it was exactly the same. I'd be at my grandparents' house, my father's parents, but... Continue Reading →

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