Like a Rhinestone Cowboy

Life as a conduit for Loki is pretty much what you'd expect. The energy is strong, but not overwhelming, and it's the little, random things that make you question reality. Not a lot of wild existential crises here, just little moments of "wut." After work, I was settling in for a nap, because napping is... Continue Reading →

You May Be Right… I May Be Crazy

So. This is going to be a very hard one to to publish and make public, but I'm feeling very much compelled to open up a bit about something that's hugely important to me, something that has become the core of my identity. This is 100% going to raise eyebrows, because it's an odd thing... Continue Reading →

A Smile, A Troll Cross, and A LOT of Love

I'm creeping closer to the edge of the dark patch, finally tearing free from the brambles and thorns that held me tight and threatened to consume me. I credit the switch in medication, because I felt the smog lift when I started titrating down from the Lexapro. The new stuff is definitely helping with the... Continue Reading →

Surprise! (Spoiler: No One Was Surprised)

After nearly ten years of celebrating holidays with my local kindred, I'm finally an official member of the family. We had our Midsummer celebration on Saturday, and I was welcomed in an unexpectedly emotional ceremony before the public arrived. I, of course, wasn't the only one welcomed by the kindred: the doors were opened for... Continue Reading →

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