Lokian vs Lokean

Not sure how many people are reading this or if anyone has noticed that I switch back and forth between using “Lokian” and “Lokean,” but I feel the need to address it anyway. I admit I don’t know if there’s a particular difference in meaning in the spellings, and I haven’t researched it because it’s a fairly unimportant point to me. I’m a very visual person, even when I write, and I have the somewhat irksome habit of using a spelling that looks more “right” to me if there are variations (for instance, my penchant for using “Odhinn” instead of “Odin”). It’s an aesthetic choice. Pure and simple.

I’m very well read and educated, but I’m not a “dig through all of the available primary sources and translate them from Old Norse” kind of heathen (that would really cut into my “nap with my cats” time). I admire and respect those who are, but let’s be honest, we all know there’s virtually nothing in the archeology or old texts that speak of Loki cults and how he was worshipped, if at all. So I doubt hitting the archives in Reykjavik when I go next year will turn up an answer for the proper spelling. But I digress.

That said, I tend to see other Loki-people use the “Lokean” variant, so when I refer to someone else, I’ll use that spelling because it seems to be their preference. But (and this is something my mom will snort at) I’ve always been a contrarian, and since I myself have always spelled it “Lokian,” that’s how I’ll continue to spell it when referring to myself. Is it the “incorrect” version in the greater community? Don’t know, don’t particularly care. Whatever, I do what I want. Unless my preferred spelling is code for something shitty and hateful and awful (like “folkish” groups often being code for racist shitheads), in which case I’ll switch, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. Worse case scenario, it’s a spelling used by Marvel!Loki fangirls. Again, nothing against Hiddleston, but he ain’t my fire-haired, freckled little twerp.

So yeah, “Lokean” seems to be the more common spelling, so I’ll use it to reference those who use that version. “Lokian” is just my own quirk, I guess.

So now you know. And speaking of cat naps, that sounds like a fine idea right about now.

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